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The Big Idea

It's been eight years since starting my handbag business, MinkeeBlue. I've learned so much from identifying my customer and competitors, manufacturing overseas, pricing, logistics and launching my product to sell to consumers around the world. 

Here's what I Learned...

No matter what your idea is,

the process of making it a reality is still the same. 


You don't have to re-invent the wheel! I've already developed a proven process!


Let me help you bring your product idea to life and jump-start your product-based business in 2021!


Register for the 7-Day Challenge

7 Day Build Your Prototype Challenge 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021 @ 7:30pm EST

Here's How it Works

✔ You register
✔ I'll send you a Zoom link
✔ I'll share insights and strategies to help you make your own prototype
✔ You'll get daily assignments
✔ You'll have a prototype at the end of the challenge


Here's What You'll Learn

✔ How to apply techniques to transform your idea into a physical product
✔ How to make your first prototype with no experience
✔ How to evaluate the success of your product
✔ How to create a customer Avatar
✔ What makes a product sell


Who Is This For?

✔ People with product ideas
✔ People who enjoy solving problems
✔ People who don't give up easily
✔ People who are patient
✔ People who complete projects


Register for the 7-Day Challenge

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Yes, I'm Ready for the 7-Day Challenge!
Let's Do this! I Can't Wait to Join the 7-Day Challenge!

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Meet Sherrill Mosee


I know first hand how fear and doubt can keep you from pursuing your dreams. I created StartUp with Sherrill to share my experience, resources and processes to help you successfully bring your product idea to market.


My goal is to simply encourage, inspire and motivate you to believe in your abilities to create something AMAZING and guide you through my 7- Step training to help you bring your product idea to market. 

Join our 7-Day Challenge

Let's jump start your business in 2021!